There are many things I can say about the high quality of service I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients, but probably none would be as credible as testimonials from some of my recent clients themselves.

So please take a moment to read the following testimonials. I hope they indicate my experience and integrity, as well as make it clear how much I enjoy helping people with their real estate needs.  I would be happy to email you additional testimonials if you are interested.


We highly recommend Rob Cohen to anyone wishing to purchase or sell a home or condo.

Over the past few years, we have worked with Rob on two purchases and one sale. Rob has always been very professional, very organized and extremely efficient. He graciously attends to our questions, changes and every need and desire related to our real estate transactions.

Rob demonstrates great patience and understanding, in what can sometimes be very challenging circumstances.

We highly recommend Rob! Anyone looking to buy or sell could not pick a better realtor to work with!



Daryl & Irene McClendon 3/29/19


Rob is a great communicator, and always quick to respond to all questions and requests, no matter how trivial. He makes home buying an easy-breezy event. Equally important, Rob is always pleasant and is a real estate agent to be trusted.

Verna O. 9/18/2018

Rob is an excellent real estate agent. I'm not sure I'd have the house I bought were it not for him. He dealt with a very difficult sale--with an illegal lot division, two owners, and condition issues--navigating me through City Hall, the title process, and ultimately through to purchase. He was meticulous about keeping the process moving and meeting all necessary deadlines for paperwork. He understood the legal and administrative processes and provided wonderful referrals when I needed them (contractors, title company, etc.). He's also an excellent negotiator; I got a great deal! Rob deserves his "Top 10 AZ realtors" designation. You'd be lucky to work with him.

Wayne P. 9/14/2018

Rob did easily what two other agents couldn't do at all. His openness to the parameters of what the seller needs and his flexibility and suggestions on negotiations makes this agent a real gem. Also after the contract is signed, there is much to work out and do, and Rob is open to helping in any way. We highly recommend you give Rob a chance. You won't regret it.

David S. 9/12/2018


As an investor, you have to perform proper due diligence in order to have all the necessary information to make informed decisions. In my opinion, having the right agent is the first and most critical part of the process. I was really lucky to have Rob on my side, he has assisted me in buying and selling over 15 investment rental properties in various cities in AZ, primarily in Scottsdale. He has not only help me close on the perfect properties but also secure excellent tenants in every single one of them. Rob is extremely knowledgable and also has the resources to answer all my questions. He will give you the same attention whether you are looking for your dream million dollar home or a starter townhome.

Thomas T. 5/21/2018

We just purchased a home in Phoenix, and Rob took amazing care of us. We were looking for something particular in a seller's market, but he was patient, always honest, and we felt like he genuinely had our best interest at heart. He's very well connected with contacts for electrical/AC/roofing, etc, and he's very, very easy to communicate with. We were out of town for the final aspect of the purchase, and Rob was still available to help us navigate the process right up until the end. We would *highly* recommend Rob next time you're looking to purchase a home in the greater Phoenix area. Do yourself a favor and call him! We have, my sister has, my mom has, my mom's best friend has...and we are all grateful we did!

Kate Townley 5/20/18


Working with Rob was smooth from start to finish. He gave us sound advice on preparing the house for sale, and throughout the negotiation process. Our house sold fast, and without any hiccups. Thanks Rob.  


Carla M




Thanks Rob

We would Just like to thank you for your patience and consideration throughout this process selling our Scottsdale property. It certainly would not have occurred without your guidance and direction. You are great at what you do. If you don't mind, we will refer others to you along the way



Thanks again,

Carlyle S.




We could not have asked for more from a realtor. A good friend recommended him, and we are so grateful! Rob gave us so much support and wisdom, and his guidance helped us avoid a house that was potentially problematic so that we could now be in a home that is just right for our family. He was always quick to respond, was very professional, and made sure that our questions and concerns were addressed right away. We would not hesitate to work with him again in the future!

Celeste and Tim K  4/1/2018



Working with Rob was smooth from start to finish. He gave us sound advice on preparing the house for sale, and throughout the negotiation process. Our house sold fast, and without any hiccups. Thanks Rob.


Rob, It looks  like we're a few weeks away from finalizing our 5th and 6th real estate transaction  with you since 2010.  Three with Julie and I and three with the girls. I'd just like to say that we have enjoyed working with you while you helped  us all to find a Scottsdale home, a space to help us ease the grip of South Dakota winters. The process of buying and selling homes can be a trying experience especially with the condition of the marketplace in the past few years.  We have appreciated your market knowledge and expertise in helping us through all of our transactions. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and Cindy and your whole team. Thanks for all your guidance and help. I'm sure there will be more to come.

Best Regards,

Steven W. Schneider

President & CEO

Gerkin Windows & Doors


Finding the perfect home is difficult enough, but then negotiating to get it at a price that works can be even more challenging. First we asked Rob to assist us with an investment property.  This time, it is a second home. My husband and I were not easy to please in selecting a home. We had many expectations and a limited budget. Rob understood what we were looking for and found just the right home. And I don't think we would have come to an agreement on the purchase of our home without the help, patience, and expertise of Rob Cohen. Rob is honest and knowledgeable and I will be recommending him to friends whenever possible.  Leslie and Tom Baas


The Valley of the Sun Real Estate Team, and in particular Rob Cohen, were absolutely fantastic in helping us find a new home in Scottsdale. Our timeline for finding a new home and completing our move to Scottsdale was very short, and so the search had to be conducted quickly and intensely. Rob and his team were always amazingly generous with their time. Most importantly, we found a home that was ideal for our needs and the transaction itself went smoothly and easily. One more thing that was extremely important to us: Rob introduced us to others, such as a marvelous contractor, a painter, a home theater specialist, and home insurance provider -- all wonderful and skilled people who have assisted us tremendously. This was hugely important given we are new to the Scottsdale area.  Our association with Rob has been just fantastic for us and we can most enthusiastically recommend him to others.  Greg and Sara Bernstein


Dear Rob,

I wanted to take a moment to write to you to say thank you very much for assisting not only pre my purchase, but all the work you have done post purchase.  As you know I live in Scotland , I have experience in buying homes and property .... however no experience in the US . Frankly before I started the process on my Scottsdale purchase I had no idea about the location , the market or the buying process.   All I knew is I needed a place in the sun with golf and Arizona access, which myself and Lesley learned quickly in one 2 week visit there on vacation.  I needed to buy there as it truly is a special place.  So,  this for me .. who normally feels comfortable with a property purchase given my business is vacation rentals in St Andrews , put me into a very different place , which I am not used too i.e. not comfortable with my lack of confidence in the process and wondering at times could this be a big mistake .  

Frankly , given the fact we started speaking 9 months ago and nothing happened for so long and the amount of work you carried out for me .... I was surprised myself you had the patience with me to maintain a positive outlook on our business relationship which was at best uncertain of purchase.. meaning in your business working for nothing I guess ..I know how that feels and again hence my email...  I value this characteristic , as it shows commitment , this I respect !  In the end I found what ’’I’’ wanted and you assisting every step of the way .  I am very grateful for this patience and service , and I wanted to express this in written thanks !!  Furthermore since I have taken ownership you have continued in the vain we started and are still helping when asked with queries and learning points for me ..... again this shows commitment to your client and as a business person myself I understand the dynamic behind this and respect you for this . This adds huge value to me and I am sure others.  I could not have got to where I am now so quickly and comfortably by the end of our process without you! Peter Keenan


I am a real estate investor based in New York. Prior to meeting Rob Cohen, my brother and I acquired 6 properties in Arizona, at the height of the market. Due to the downturn in the market, all were under water creating losses and huge stress. Rob and his Valley of the Sun Team had been recommended to me by an acquaintance whom they had assisted with a sale last year. So I asked him if he could short sell all six properties, which were all single family homes in Phoenix suburbs. His team was outstanding. His private support staff streamlined the process and carefully guided me. There were many challenges that arose, eight different banks to deal with and tenants on some properties. Rob and his team patiently removed every obstacle and closed the short sale on each property, even securing me relocation fees on some.

His office is extremely organized. They negotiated very favorable terms, were in constant contact and are very professional. They relieved me of a huge burden. I have recommended them to colleagues. Rob is the ONLY realtor I would use in Arizona. Kevin W. Massapequa Park, NY


Rob was the consummate professional! My husband and I had very specific architectural criteria for a luxury property purchase, and Rob scoured the target areas for the city lights view, sunset oriented swimming pool/entertainment area and the "feel" that we were looking for in our Scottsdale home. Our search was conducted primarily from Baltimore, and his tenacious previewing of properties enabled us to focus on exactly the right mix of "possibilities" so that our trip to explore the final candidates was flawless. And finally, his guidance through the contract negotiations, banking relationships and post-purchase contractor selection enabled us to purchase and now enjoy our dream home. David and Louise Z. Baltimore, Maryland


Hi Rob; I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great service that you provided Sandy and I in our search for the right retirement house. Not only did you take all the time we needed, you brought us the type of layout that we were looking for with the views we will enjoy for years to come.


I have worked with many real estate agents over the years and you are without a doubt the most knowledgeable about the market and the rules governing the short or foreclosed market. Your instincts and contacts at the city also saved us on one of the deals we did not do. Your team is also very professional. Thanks to them all.


You also brought another dimension that I have not seen in the service provided after the closing. As you know the inspection pointed out many small issues and you brought other very competent contractors, pool service and interior assistance to us. We have engaged them and find them to be very connected and able to get top notch folks on the issues big and small.      

If ever I have anyone coming to Arizona and they are in need of help you would be the person that I would recommend they use.


I am happy to be a reference for anyone that you are working with or that may ask for one.       Thank you again and when we get everything done and moved in I will give you a call to swing by.  Glen Cook


My wife and I have bought and sold a number of homes over the years in Canada and the United States. It is without any hesitation at all that we can say that the best the best experience we have had in purchasing a home was our purchase of our property in Scottsdale. The reason for this was the exceptional competence and service of Robert (Rob) Cohen and his Team.      

From the moment of our first inquiry of Rob in August of 2009 until long after the closing of the purchase Rob acted with a professionalism way beyond our expectations. In the beginning he provided us with every listing available in our desired location and price range and then helped us narrow the selection to ones that interested us and so on until we were ready to make an offer. Rob’s knowledge of the market was invaluable and in the end his advice allowed us to make a very attractive purchase.      

Rob made the purchase and conveyance of the home effortless for us. When it came time to inspect the home Rob arranged for the home inspector, the pest control inspector, a pool maintenance company, a gas inspector, a general contractor and a photographer all to meet us at the premises all on the same day. They were all good and we hired them all and continue to use them.      

Even after the sale closed Rob continued to provide us with information about the area, about the HOA, where to shop (got us discounts) and all the telephone numbers every homeowner needs to know. His after sale assistance knows no limit.      

It is with pleasure that we highly recommend Robert Cohen for all your realty requirements in the Scottsdale area. George and Pat D. Canada



I just want to take a minute to thank Rob and the Valley of the Sun Team's help in the purchase of our rental property in Scottsdale. It is challenging to look for property from afar, but your knowledge and guidance made it an easy process. So much so that we were comfortable purchasing without even seeing the property! And when we did arrive and see it for ourselves, we were very pleased with our decision. You gave us a completely accurate assessment of the property-- its condition, its location, its value.       We look forward to working with you on our next Scottsdale purchase and will, of course, be recommending you to friends.       Many thanks

Leslie and Tom B.


Dear Valley of the Sun Team,

We had a great experience working with Rob and your team. From the initial interview I felt very comfortable that Rob was the realtor to work with in our search for property in AZ He comes across as very polite, experienced, knowledgeable about the market and the current conditions. He sent us information regarding our search area and was very specific about "only" sending information in regard to our desired area and price range. It was a great experience, Rob made it all so easy with his entire team being so prompt with all the paperwork and keeping us updated with pertinent information in regard to purchases we made. I would "only" use Rob and his team on our next purchase in AZ. Thank you

Bob Cowger



Rob Cohen made every effort of our house purchasing in Arizona a breeze. We are from the Chicago area and we have made a couple of trips to Arizona looking for a house to buy. We could not be around for any aspect of the closing after the offer was made. Three weeks later we closed on our home and everything went without a hitch. And it does not end here. We have closed on our house and still remain quite close with Rob. I would recommend everyone to Rob Cohen and the Valley of the Sun Team. Darlene and Dave Naumann




The world of real estate can be frightening, especially for a rookie investor. How will I find a suitable property? How will I go about renting it? How will I manage cash flow? What kind of document will I use for a rental agreement? There are enough questions to make even the boldest investor nervous.       

That's why we are so grateful we ran into Rob and Cindy Cohen when we purchased our first rental property. Rob's straightforward, honest approach put our minds at ease. Rob and Cindy held our hands throughout the process, even helping us to rent our newly acquired home. Rob helped us find the best loan possible and was always available with advice and encouragement.       

Thanks to Rob and Cindy, we are now confident property owners and looking forward to our next real estate investment. We would highly recommend them to any investor, whether rookie or veteran. Steve and Donna Gilbertson


We are writing to express our appreciation of the Valley of the Sun Team, and more especially of Rob and Cindy Cohen, in connection with our relocation to Arizona. We contacted them via their web site several months before our visit to Arizona to purchase a new home. Over the months, we received much interesting and helpful information, including home-pricing info.

When we visited Arizona, Rob immediately took us to look at homes, even though our areas of interest were a long distance from Scottsdale. When Rob had to stay home to take care of his sick child, Cindy spent two days helping us, even though she was not too familiar with this phase of real estate services. She accommodated us to the extent of showing us some homes two or three times.       

Rob then worked with us to write the contract and arrange for the home inspection. He followed up to make sure that the repairs were completed and that the escrow matters were properly executed.      

All in all, we were very pleased with their services and would not hesitate to recommend them to potential customers. Pat and Austin Swartz


Rob has proved himself over and over again that he has a keen eye for real estate and has a patient ear to listen to his client's needs. We met in the Fall of 2003 when I went to Phoenix for a conference. We saw many properties in Scottsdale in one afternoon but I was not ready to pull the trigger. Rob kept in touch with me after I returned to New York.       

It was a whole year later when I saw one of his emails that described an accidental under pricing of a condo unit that I decided to buy, site unseen, only based on my faith in Rob's judgment. The condo turned out to be a gem. Since then, we have worked together in purchasing several other pieces of properties throughout the valley. I know I can count on Rob to get the work done.  Liz from New York City


I would like to commend Rob Cohen for his expertise and advice during our search for a home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Once we determined our requirements as to the location and type of property we were looking for, Rob provided us with an impressive selection of listings to review. Because we live out of state, his Knowledge of the market was invaluable to us when it came time to make a final decision.       

Rob's support didn't stop at the closing. He continued to assist us with details after the deal was finalized, going above and beyond to make the entire process as painless as possible for us.       

We are thrilled with our purchase and would recommend Rob to anyone looking for property in the Scottsdale area. Tena and Jim V. - Chicago, IL



Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for being such a great realtor. Moving across the country can be totally daunting. Your help and advice on neighborhoods to your counsel on the idiosyncrasies of buying property in a new state, to even suggesting a handyman to help me hang pictures was invaluable. You made the process a pleasure. Thanks again. Linda



I completed a short sale with Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Robert Cohen was my agent and I cannot express enough gratitude towards him personally and his team. He is experienced with short sales and made sure to educate me throughout the process. If I did not have his help, my home would have gone to foreclosure, which is the last thing that I wanted. His response time was amazing and I was able to close within a shorter period of time and I know that I owe that to Rob and his team's diligence. Thank you so much for all of your help, Rob! I could not have made it through this process on my own. You saved my house and my credit! Elizabeth M. Tempe, AZ



I recently closed on my first home in Tempe, Arizona. Initially my top priority was to find the best real estate agent that I could. I did a phone book and internet search for local agents and did a preliminary interview of about 25 agents. Rob Cohen initially stuck out from the group but I was still hesitant and arranged an in person interview with the top 4 candidates. Needless to say my first impression was correct and I went with Rob. I wanted to get a good deal and we began looking at homes that were short sales. For anyone who has ever tried to purchase a short sale you know that it can turn into a waiting game, and once approval is met there are more stringent regulations because the property is bank owned. Rob, Cindy, Andrea, and the rest of his team were always on top of all the necessary paperwork and provided a clear roadmap of the entire process. If only everyone in the home buying process was as competent then my home would have closed much sooner. My realtor, Rob Cohen was critical in getting me the 8k tax credit and also closing by the deadline the bank established. If you want a job done well choose Rob as your realtor! Peter Kim



We just want to thank you so much for all the help you gave us in finding a home in Phoenix. You were so kind and considerate with us and my daughter in getting us a great place. We moved here from Northern Nevada and were not familiar with the area. When we went on a web search for homes in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area you were the first company to respond and make us feel important. When we sent the list you sent to us to my daughter who lives in Phoenix, she said that there were so many and that it gave her the opportunity to go thru them and decide which ones to look at. Now, we really want to thank Cindy, she was so sweet and so responsive in answering several questions. Your taking the time to take my daughter out and show her the selections my daughter had picked for us. Cindy even took pictures of the house we selected and e-mailed them to us. Now what company do you know that would take that extra time and effort to do that for you. Cindy was always right there to clear up any questions and concerns we had.. There was one time that we had called and Cindy answered the phone after hours to help us with a concern. Even though she has her family to tend to, she was there for us too. Cindy even sent us a list of the names and phone numbers of the Utility company's that we would need to contact as we are not from here and had no idea of the company's in the area.. We really think the world of Cindy, she just called us the other evening and wanted to make sure that all was going well and that we are happy. Yes we are finally here and love our new home and the area in general. We have never come across a company that makes you feel as though you are a part of their family and is concerned about you and your satisfaction. Cindy has made us feel welcome and we are looking forward to meeting her and her little ones. If anyone is looking for a home we suggest that you contact this company. You will not be sorry and we can assure you that you will be as comfortable and confident as we were and are with our selection of this company.   Again, Cindy was absolutely the best and we hope that we can keep in touch.  Dave and Fran Andersen, Nevada




Rob, please accept this letter conveying to you our thanks and appreciation ...the personal and professional manner in which you worked with us during a difficult time to get us the home of our dreams.  We certainly feel you and your team are directly responsible for making what appeared to be a reach, at one time, into reality. We thank you endlessly and we hope you could sense how grateful we were but I still never felt it was complete until we shared our feelings with you and your team. We have what we consider a great home in a great location but should we ever need real estate service in the future or be called upon by someone for a reference, there is no doubt what name will naturally come to mind!

Signed from the kitchen of “our dream house”,

Shawna W. John H.


Our experience with Rob and his team was exceptionally positive. During the entire process we were kept up to date on the numerous Open Houses and showings. We also received the constructive feedback that resulted from them. At one point Rob brought in his designer to address a recurring concern of potential buyers. After that brief meeting, we moved forward to a sale. Price setting, timing and design were all discussed with us and ultimately we, as owners, made the final decisions and because of the wealth of experience brought by Rob et al we were left feeling quite capable. We are now residing on the east coast, but would recommend Rob and Keller Williams without reservation. Thank you.  Jean


    We were pleased with the final outcome. After the buyers had difficulty securing financing, Rob developed an alternative solution that worked for all parties. In the end I got the price I wanted plus some additional rent money."  Terry T.


Dealing with Rob and his team was a superb experience from start to finish! Since this was a second home they were listing to sell, they made every effort to handle things that would have been problematic for us to handle from out of town. They not only made recommendations for having the house look its best, they implemented many of them. They took care of minor issues that arose during the listing period, did an excellent job of presenting the property to prospective buyers, provided sound support during negotiations, and made the closing process as smooth as possible. I expect to do business again with Rob’s Group, as they also recommended an excellent investment property for purchase. As someone who has participated in numerous real estate transactions, I appreciate the experience and professionalism provided by Rob Cohen and Lisa Hardin, and I’m convinced I made the right choice in engaging their services."  Robert C.


We would just like to thank you for your patience and consideration throughout this process selling our Scottsdale property. It certainly would not have occurred without your guidance and direction. You are great at what you do. If you don’t mind, we will refer others to you along the way. Thanks, again.  Carlyle S.


Thank you very much Rob and the RobCohenGroup. I truly appreciate all your very hard work you put into getting our property sold and closed for us. I will definitely refer anybody I can your way. Thank you again.  Renee M.


As a general contractor and home builder, I have worked with Rob for several years. He represented me on the home I am currently in and has been a vital resource in the sale of the homes I build. As my selling agent on the most recent home I built, Rob once again showed his skills as a Realtor. My home sold for top end price per square foot, full asking price, and sold about 3 weeks after we completed it! I am very pleased with my my experiences.  CORY M. TUFFBILT CONSTRUCTION


Good talent is tough to find....but GREAT talent is almost becoming a rarity...especially in the overcrowded field of real estate. I have had the good fortune to work with Rob Cohen and have him be my broker of record in greater Phoenix. Like any investor, I was very specific and very cautious in what I wanted to purchase. But after my first transaction with Rob, he continued to work the beat for me and was able to find several additional investment properties, all of which I purchase sight-unseen based on trust in Rob and his terrific team. My good fortune did not end with Rob finding great-value property for me to buy, but also his ability to sell. As the market in Phoenix started turning the northbound, Rob was able to quickly list, market, and successful sell a couple of my investment properties. Whether buying or selling, I so appreciate, especially from a distance, Rob’s professionalism, his team, and his get it done NOW attitude. There are certainly no shortage of real estate agents in the greater Phoenix area, but the great ones are few and far between....I am always delighted to refer anyone...anytime to Rob Cohen."  Skip Lei



The Rob Cohen Group is professional, efficient & courteous. Thanks for selling our condo in a timely manner and showing us potential future properties. I will recommend you to friends, family and colleagues if they are looking for property in the Phoenix and greater area. Thanks once again Robert. Cheers!  RICHARD AND PAM


Joan and I want to thank you and your team for your great work selling our home. The repairs and improvements you recommended to increase our return not only worked, but I believe are the reason our home sold so quickly. (I know I had a different opinion at first!) Your staff was extremely helpful and kept us updated throughout the sale process. We told you at the beginning that since we were selling long distance, communication was extremely important, and you definitely followed through. We will definitely miss Arizona.

Best Wishes and Luck in your future endeavors.



Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave us in selling our house. It was unexpected that we would need to put it up for sale just a couple months before our already planned vacation. Not only did you find us buyers in short order at a price that both sides could agree on, but you helped us to get all the necessities handled in time to go on our trip! Thank you!  RANDY AND NANCY S.


In August, my wife Judy and I were looking for a home in the Anthem Country Club Community of Anthem, Arizona. After a previously unpleasant experience with another local Real Estate firm and its agents we were referred to Rob Cohen of Keller Williams. Several of our friends have worked with Rob and his group on numerous property sales and purchases. Rob demonstrated a very high level of professionalism beginning with our preliminary meetings. Rob did a superb job with the research regarding various areas in and around Anthem. He had the property comparatives with all other information regarding the area and the properties we expressed interest in. During the entire buying process my wife and I both found that when we reached out to Rob regarding any questions on a particular property, the contract, inspection and closing etc., he was Johnnie on the spot with his responses. Rob and his team did several inspections for us on their own at our request and was available to us all the way, including closing and support afterwards to get things taken care of. We highly recommend Rob Cohen and his team as your Real Estate Agent. KEITH AND JUDY W.


We couldn’t be more pleased with our recent home-buying experience with Rob Cohen. From the start he was attentive to our needs when looking for a home. He was quick to point out where homes met those needs and where they did not. We never felt like he was just trying to get the sale. He really wanted us to find what we were looking for. Rob was an advocate for us throughout the purchase process. He negotiated through lots of issues, always with our best interest in mind. Rob was very prompt in returning phone calls and getting important information to us. He is very knowledgeable, which gave us peace of mind. We highly recommend Rob Cohen for any and all your real estate needs!  CAPTAIN RYAN AND TAYA J.


Rob was great to work with as my agent. He zeroed in on what was most important to me in my new house and helped me to develop a list of properties that met my requirements so I did not waste any time when we met to visit them. His knowledge of the Phoenix area real estate market was also extremely helpful when it came time to negotiate a contract. He is very customer service oriented and was very helpful as we moved through the purchase process and beyond.  M. Ham


Very positive experience with the Rob Cohen Group. We believe very strongly in outstanding personal service and want to recognize Rob Cohen and his Team for their assistance and service with our recent home purchase in Scottsdale. Rob listened to our preferences and helped us create decision parameters for our “ideal home”. Once knowing our “ideal characteristics” he advised and assisted us with our search and then helped us successfully negotiate the purchase of our new home. We have been working with Rob for about 3 years, getting to know the market; determining our ideal location; and then deciding the desirable attributes that we wanted in our new home. Once we were prepared to make a purchase decision, we spent a week looking at several homes that fit our criteria (all organized by Rob) and then made a purchase offer, negotiated and closed the transaction, all in 30 days. The transaction was made more difficult by the fact that while we were negotiating final terms and completing the transaction, we were in London and Paris for 10 days. Thank goodness for technology and none of this proved difficult or an inconvenience for Rob and his team. He was attentive and patient with our questions and resolved any and all final details to our satisfaction. Thanks Rob for your assistance! Randy L Newman, Chairman, CEO and President of Alerus Financial Corporation (ALRS)


Rob and his team, were fantastic! Trying to buy a home for the first time, moving from out of town, and having never lived in Arizona the home buying process began as quite a daunting task...until we were introduced to Rob. He guided us through the whole experience so that it was simplified and pleasant. We truly felt like he had our best interest the entire time; furthermore, that he was our voice on the ground. He answered phone calls at all hours and was always willing to help.        

His level of professionalism, as well as his ability to make us feel like old friends were unparalleled. We would absolutely use Rob again in the future!  James P.


Hope you, your Family & the rest of the Rob Cohen Group had an enjoyable holiday. Everything is good in Candlewood with Lorraine & I. We just wish we could spend more time in the warm weather as oppose to the cold weather in the East. Hopefully we will be out here full time next year. You are the ONLY Real Estate Agent we would suggest to any of our friends or acquaintances interested in buying a home or condo in the desert. Thank You for the emailing Monthly Real Estate Market updates. I enjoy reading the report."  Kelsey M.


I have been extremely pleased with Rob Cohen as my Realtor. He not only listened to my needs for a home but was able with his experience to show me what was perfect for “me”. With his many years of experience in this field and in Scottsdale he has huge connections to any service you may need on your new home from expert loan connections to a locksmith, companies for inspection and any other needs you may need. He was always available anytime for a phone call or an email. I felt I could totally trust him on any business I needed. It is with pleasure and complete confidence that I would recommend Rob in your future real estate business.  Dave and Marcy


It was a pleasure working with Rob and the team during our search for a home in Scottsdale. We were not very familiar with the area or the process, and Rob took the time to answer our questions, offer good suggestions and advice, and guide us through each step. He was also able to either provide or put us in touch with any other expertise or services we needed along the way. Perhaps most impressive was the attention and responsiveness we received - e-mails or calls were answered almost instantly, and not restricted to 'normal' business hours.  Doug and Joann W.


Rob was great to work with as my agent. He zeroed in on what was most important to me in my new house and helped me to develop a list of properties that met my requirements so I did not waste any time when we met to visit them. His knowledge of the Phoenix area real estate market was also extremely helpful when it came time to negotiate a contract. He is very customer service oriented and was very helpful as we moved through the purchase process and beyond.  Toni and Bob


After living in Southern California for over 35 years my wife and I recently purchased a home in Scottsdale/Carefree area. Rob Cohen was our agent and helped us get the house $100K under the asking price. A few days after we moved in the house had an unresolved septic system problem. Rob quickly assisted us to get the problem fixed through the septic inspection company. I highly recommend Rob Cohen whether you are buying or selling your home. I know we will use his services again in the future.


Eric & Susanne, Scottsdale, AZ

The Valley of the Sun Real Estate Team, and in particular Rob Cohen, were absolutely fantastic in helping us find a new home in Scottsdale. Our timeline for finding a new home and completing our move to Scottsdale was very short, and so the search had to be conducted quickly and intensely. Rob and his team were always amazingly generous with their time. Most importantly, we found a home that was ideal for our needs and the transaction itself went smoothly and easily. One more thing that was extremely important to us: Rob introduced us to others, such as a marvelous contractor, a painter, a home theater specialist, and home insurance provider -- all wonderful and skilled people who have assisted us tremendously. This was hugely important given we are new to the Scottsdale area.  Our association with Rob has been just fantastic for us and we can most enthusiastically recommend him to others.  Greg and Sara Bernstein